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October 12th, 2019

Are You Making This Mistake? — Agreement Vs Acceptance Mindset

October 10th, 2019

Orange County — Why You’re A LOSER If You Don’t Live Here

October 9th, 2019

Hawaii! — I’m Coming For You With My NEW Tour

October 8th, 2019

MAN SCRIPTS — How To Never Get In Trouble With Her Again

October 5th, 2019

How To Be Secure With Your Insecurities, Even When You’re Not

October 1st, 2019

“I’m A Ketosexual” — The True Story I’ve Never Told

September 28th, 2019

Why Indianapolis People Are So Unlucky

September 26th, 2019

San Diego Weirdos

September 24th, 2019

How To Make Your Girl Think You’re Cheating On Her

September 21st, 2019

Why We Get So Angry About Politics

September 18th, 2019

Horse Yoga In Lexington

September 17th, 2019

Become More Significant Than Other People With CBD

September 14th, 2019

What’s The Difference Between Happiness And Gratification?

September 10th, 2019

How To Get Depressed — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 173

September 7th, 2019

What Sedona People Are Like — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 172

September 7th, 2019

Odd Facts About Tucson — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 171

September 6th, 2019

Being Smarter Than An Idiot — The Journey — Part 1 Mini-Series

September 2nd, 2019

How To Be A Beta Male In The Gym — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 170

August 25th, 2019

Burning Man Staycation DIY — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 169

August 24th, 2019

What Phoenix People Are Like

August 19th, 2019

What If Nobody Shows Up To Area 51

August 13th, 2019

How To Be A Conscious Hugger — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 167

August 8th, 2019

How Long Can I Hold My Breath?

August 6th, 2019

Storming Area 51 — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 166

July 24th, 2019

What Burning Man Is Like

July 20th, 2019

Cleveland Is The Detroit Of Ohio

July 18th, 2019

Betrayal Of LeBron James: The Cleveland Soap Opera

July 15th, 2019

The Absurdities Of Raleigh, NC

July 13th, 2019

A Week In The Life Of JP — Part 3

July 13th, 2019

A Week In The Life Of JP — Part 2

July 13th, 2019

A Week In The Life Of JP — Part 1

July 8th, 2019

Wealth And Politics In Arlington — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 165

July 2nd, 2019

How To Be A Climate Change Denier — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 164

July 1st, 2019

Why The Dalai Lama Is Right

June 25th, 2019

Jacksonville: The Armpit Of Florida?

June 18th, 2019

Grow Your Following With A Social Media Detox — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 163

June 11th, 2019

Entitled Nutritional Friends — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 162

June 10th, 2019

Naples: The Least Redneck Place In Florida

June 4th, 2019

Electric Scooters For Rent (Everything You Need To Know) — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 161

June 1st, 2019

How To Diffuse Your Fears

May 28th, 2019

The Sea Salt Cleanse — Ultra Spiritual Life Episode 160

May 21st, 2019

The Abortion Ban Controversy — Ultra Spiritual Life Episode 159

May 14th, 2019

Self Offense Techniques — Ultra Spiritual Life Episode 158

May 13th, 2019

What’s Wrong With Kansas City?

May 7th, 2019

5 Workout Tips For Narcissists — Ultra Spiritual Life Episode 157

May 3rd, 2019

10 Intriguing Facts About Santa Barbara

May 2nd, 2019

Five Exciting Facts About Modesto

May 1st, 2019

The 5 Best Things About Eugene, OR

April 30th, 2019

How To Network Like An Idiot — Ultra Spiritual Life Episode 156

April 26th, 2019

The Problem With Political Correctness

April 23rd, 2019

Why I’m No Longer A Vegan (I Lied To You And I’m Sorry)

April 19th, 2019

Portland (Everything You Need To Know) — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 154

April 16th, 2019

Law Of Attraction Secrets — Ultra Spiritual Life Episode 153

April 12th, 2019

A Giant Sexist — Offendy Award Winner Ep. 5

April 9th, 2019

I Tried Celery Juice For 7 Days And This Is What Happened!

April 4th, 2019

Vaccinations? — Offendy Award Winner Ep. 4

April 2nd, 2019

The 10 Terribly Best Self-Help Secrets! — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 151

April 1st, 2019

I’m A Cat Now

March 29th, 2019

Why Happy People Are Offensive — Offendy Award Winner Ep. 3

March 27th, 2019

Austin: The Weirdest Place On Earth — Ultra Spiritual Life Ep. 150